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Despite the huge number of different types of essays, one of the most popular is an argumentative essay.

Its popularity is caused by its concept – the task is not only to tell about the object or problem, but to convince an audience in one or another position.

In order to write really good work, the author must study the chosen topic well, study and understand different positions on the chosen topic in order to form his or her own position, learn statistics, facts and opinions of experts in this field.

So, what makes your argumentative essay really successful?

First of all – the choice of the right topic.

The word ‘’right’ means that  you are guided in and sincerely interested in the chosen topic. Even if you hire a professional essay writer, will look flimsy during your report. Disinterest and insincerity are very noticeable, so do not neglect this important element.

The  next important element is the structure.

In the first part, you should familiarize the audience with the problem or subject of the essay, tell about its relevance and importance.

Next – the main part, which  usually consists of two paragraphs: in the first paragraph, the author usually explains his or her position, after which a number of arguments is presented with  support of evidence.

The second  paragraph can contain more explanation and interpretation of arguments. And this part is better served with a drop of humor – it will ease the perception and defuse strained  atmosphere in the audience.

The last part is a conclusion. However, it  also has certain structure : first, the author retells the main thesis of his or her  essay, then repeats the arguments to convince the public to his or her side and complete the report.

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Reflective Essay Writing

Great value in writing an essay is the verification of its first version. Writing a draft, your main task is to develop an argument, refine the basic ideas and arrange them in a strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative materials or auxiliary data, etc. After writing the first option, let him lie down for a day or two, and then go back to the work of checking and improving

Many students don’t pay enough attention to this stage of work, believing that they have done enough work already. But it is the verification of the created work with its subsequent improvement that helps to become an essay master, to learn how to beautifully and correctly express your thoughts.

Read essays better several times. At the first reading, pay attention to whether all parts of your work are sufficiently interrelated. Strike out of it all the repetitions and spatial phrases that do not carry anything meaningful in themselves. Also rewrite too heavy sentences, so that the text is easy to read, was interesting. At the next reading, correct grammatical, spelling and stylistic errors so that annoying typos and mistakes do not reduce the effect of all your work.

It will be very good if you show your essay to a competent person or at least let them read to friends. A look from the side will help essay writer see if your work produces the effect that you are counting on.

After writing a job, evaluate it according to the criteria that you should have learned at the theoretical preparation stage. Are your essays satisfied with all the criteria? Can it be improved yet? Do not be afraid to devote more time to writing an essay than you planned. Sometimes it is during the creation of the second or third variant of the work that the author enters a new level for himself and creates a really good essay.

Review writing service

Review – recall, analysis and evaluation of a new artistic, scientific or popular science work; genre of criticism, literary, newspaper and magazine publication.

In the classics, the reviewer discovers, first of all, the possibility of its actual, cutting-edge reading. Any work should be considered in the context of modern life and the modern literary process: to evaluate it precisely as a new phenomenon. This topicality is an indispensable sign of the review.

Under essays-reviews essay writer understand such creative works:

a small literary-critical or journalistic article (often polemical in nature) in which the work in question is an occasion for discussing topical public or literary problems;

an essay that is largely a lyrical reflection of the author of the review, inspired by the reading of the work, rather than its interpretation;

An expanded annotation in which the content of a work, the features of a composition, is disclosed and at the same time its evaluation is contained.

An approximate plan for reviewing the literary work.

Bibliographic description of the work (author, title, publisher, year of release) and a brief (in one or two sentences) retelling its content. Immediate response to the work of literature (recall-impression).

Critical analysis or complex text analysis. Argumented evaluation of the work and personal reflections of the author of the review. In the review is not necessarily the presence of all of the above components, most importantly, that the review was interesting and competent.

Briefly about what you need to remember when writing a review: A detailed retelling reduces the value of the review: first, it is not interesting to read the work itself; secondly, one of the criteria for a weak review is rightly considered substitution of analysis and interpretation of the text by retelling it.

Every book begins with a title that you interpret as you read in the process of reading, you solve it. The name of a good work is always multivalued, it is a kind of symbol, a metaphor.

A lot to understand and interpret the text can give an analysis of the composition. Reflections on which compositional techniques (antithesis, ring structure, etc.) are used in the work will help the referee to penetrate the author’s intention. On which parts can you separate the text? How are they located?

It is important to assess the style, originality of the writer, to disassemble the images, the artistic techniques that he uses in his work, and to consider what is his individual, unique style, than this author differs from others.

How to write a report

There are tons of different writing words with specific rules. One of this is the report. What is special in this kind of work?

All work should be written on white sheets of A4 format, font color – black, size – 14 in Times New Roman.

   What should be in any report?

   In each report, regardless of the subject and the subject of the report, the following parameters (as listed below) should be given:

-the title page,

-the table of contents (the content of the work),

-the introduction,

-the main part,

-the conclusion,

-the list of the literature,

-the appendix.

   The title page is the first in the report, therefore, it should be treated with special attention. At the top of the sheet, paper writer  need to indicate the full name of your institution, then, having receded 3-4 lines below, write the word: REPORT (centered in capital letters). On the next line indicate: on what subject. Example. On discipline: physics.

   The next line is the name of the report (in bold). Again stepping back 2 lines, write: Completed …. (their full name – full name, first name, and patronymic initials). The line below – under whose direction (the teacher of this subject), immediately it is necessary to indicate his science degree. It is made out in the following way: the supervisor of studies, the doctor of physical sciences

   At the bottom of the page, the name of the city where your institution is located is placed in the center, and below it (the line below) the year the work is done. After the title page, there is a table of contents. It indicates all parts of your work with page numbering. It should be noted that the title page is not indicated, but has a page number, therefore, the introduction will be on page 2.

   Also, all the pages of the report (except for the title page) should be numbered in ascending order.

   Then comes the main part of the report, it should not exceed 5 pages in size, as this will not be a report, but an abstract. It should be clearly divided into three parts – an introduction, a historical reference (the main part), a conclusion.

    After the conclusion follows the list of the literature. It lists the authors in alphabetical order with the name of their work, the year and place of the publishing house, and the number of pages is also indicated.

Coursework writing help

Writing coursework takes near from 10-20 days to few months. Students at our times can’t spend 3 weeks for 1 things because they always need to do something else. All of them try to make coursework as fast as they can but these provide to mistakes. Here main mistakes that you should avoid.

Select an irrelevant topic.

Carefully choose the topic of the course. An obligatory part of the introduction is the justification of its relevance. If paper writer do not prove that the topic is important and promising, the work will not be counted.

Advise. The topic should be clear and interesting for you. In substantiating the relevance, focus on its poorly understood, practical significance, the emergence of modern research methods or new information. Clearly and concisely formulate the arguments and try to avoid florid judgments. The rationale should be about half the sheet.

Deviation from the topic.

If a student does not understand the course’s theme and its purpose, he does not follow a logical strategy and writes everything that seems appropriate to him. This leads to unnecessary detail, blind copying of unverified facts and deviation from the chosen topic. Council. Ask the teacher in advance about the meaning of your work. Have enough patience to understand the topic of the course and logically build its structure.

Wrong style selection.

Clumsy abstruse proposals, long paragraphs, and complex academic turns will make a negative impression on the supervisor.

Advise. Try to set out the information. Avoid borrowed judgments, an abundance of pronouns and intricate expressions. Nuances of the presentation can be discussed in advance with the teacher.

Incorrect design.

Design standards can change several times a year. The size of the font, the correctness of writing the introduction and conclusion, alignment, the sequence of parts of the work, the design of links and the listed literature – you need to know and consider all the wishes of the university.

Advise. Ask the teacher about all the requirements for registration. Otherwise, you risk getting the exchange rate for revision.

Surrender later than the deadline.

Work, which is delivered later than the deadline, the teacher can assess biased.

Advise. Make a plan for writing a course and strictly adhere to it. Leave time for proofreading work and making corrections. Do not delay writing a coursework for the last night!

So you know about main mistakes. Try to avoid them.